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A Guide to Boosting Your Child’s Immunity

When our immunity is at its best, it can fight ailments and help to keep microbes and infections at bay. If our immunity is weakened at any period, our little ones and we are more susceptible to influenza or other serious diseases. Germs and contaminants surround us in our day-to-day lives and to fight off diseases, it is necessary that our body’s immunity is robust so that it can keep off diseases and viruses. Not many will receive this well but, the truth is that your kid getting sick is only part of the job description. We all come into this world with an inexperienced immunity, and getting sick is unavoidable and necessary at times to boost it. What can do you to boost the immune system of your little one? Keep reading and see a few top tips to help you in boosting the immunity of your kid.

One of the known ways to boost immunity among kids is through breastfeeding. Breast milk has colostrum which carries the nutrition of a baby as well as immunity-enhancing antibodies and white blood cells. This is produced in the first days after a child’s birth and provides the infant with elemental immune-boosting elements that ensure that the child doesn’t get sick. Usually, breast milk enhances the child’s brain power as well as immunity against ear infections, diarrhea, allergies, and other illnesses.

From research, medical experts have found that sleep deficiency can result in weak immunity among children and adults where your white blood cells reduce in number – which are responsible for eradicating microbes and cancer cells. Children mostly in daycare are more likely to lack sufficient sleep because the activity could be challenging for them to get a nap. A newborn may demand up to 18 hours of sleep, toddlers need 12-13 hours, and preschoolers should sleep for about 10 hours. Some kids not like taking daytime naps and to ensure they sleep well, ensure that they go to bed earlier.

Another way is maintaining your child’s microbiota. Probiotics are the harmless helpful microorganisms that naturally grow in our guts. They look after our digestive tracts, help our body in digesting food, getting rid of toxins and protect us from attacking bacteria as well as viruses. Ensure that you maintain your kids gut bacterial balance and you can also get them probiotic supplements.

Just as important, a healthy diet is key in boosting the overall immune system. Your kid’s diet should comprise of more greens than sugars although most kids will be against that. Getting seafood or omega oils will enhance not only their brain power but also their immune system.
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